Academia & trainings

Academia & trainings

The stages of my curriculum.


Academic work portfolio

Academic work portfolio

A presentation of academic projects which I have been involved in.


Research interests

Research interests

Topics and questions I would like to explore and learn about.

Academia & trainings

Education-Couv-Lasalle-1 Education
Education-Couv-Cranfield Education

Double Master Degree

Agriculture Engineering Diploma

Polytechnic Institute Lasalle Beauvais – France

September 2011 – September 2015

Training mixing scientific knowledge, business skills and the understanding of the agriculture industry.

Diploma from the oldest French agriculture engineering school.

  • Interventions of a large number of corporate guest speakers;
  • Possibility to undertake a gap year project;
  • Training covering the agrifood sector from production to transformation and distribution of agricultural products.

MSc in Land Reclamation and Restoration

Cranfield University – United-Kingdom

September 2014 – September 2015

One year training focused on research and consultancy, working on land management, soil restoration and carbon topics:

  • Principles of sustainability;
  • GIS fundamentals;
  • Soil plant environment science;
  • Land engineering and water management;
  • Ecological restoration;
  • Landscape ecology;
  • Soil erosion control for catchment management;
  • Soil engineering, contaminant and nutrient management;
  • Group project: Estimation of carbon sequestration in reed beds in mine water treatment schemes;
  • Research master thesis: Evaluation of a commercial soil health index based on the Solvita CO2-burst test.
  • Advanced self-training on soil health evaluation and improvement;
  • Visit of quarries, landfills and sites under restoration;
  • Winner of the video contest “Student life at Cranfield Universtiy”;
  • Advanced assignments using GIS;
  • Winner of the best group project presentation award.
Education-Couv-WUR Education

Master Erasmus Exchange

Sustainable Land and Water Management – Specialisation in Land Degradation & Development

Wageningen University – Netherlands

Januray – July 2014

  • Academic consulting project with the University of Valencia;
  • “A la carte” scientific skills trainings;
  • Intercultural teams and interdisciplinary projects;
  • Creativity encouraged during assignments.

One semester Erasmus exchange focused on land degradation issues and solutions to reverse them:

  • Fundamentals of land management;
  • Sustainable land management policies;
  • Erosion processes and modelling;
  • Research approaches to land and water management;
  • Academic consulting training in Spain – working on a biomass for energy project to finance forest and wildfire management;
  • Entrepreunarial skills;
  • Career development skills;
  • Scientific writing skills;
  • Presentation skills.
Education-Couv-Lasalle-1 Education

Year 4 of Engineering School (Semester 1)

MEng in Agriculture – Specialisation Agroecology, Soil, Water and Land Management

Polytechnic Institute Lasalle Beauvais – France

September – December 2013

  • Extended lectures about soils, geology and hydrology;
  • Group project on the agroecological evaluation of meadows;
  • Group project on the evaluation of the impacts of farming practices on soil fauna;
  • Great interest for modelling courses related to tree and plant growth;
  • Exploration of carbon cycling and modelling.

Agriculture from another perspective, looking at agricultural systems on a larger scale and studying problems related to agricultural mismanagement.

First semester of an engineering training specialised in agroecology, soil, water and land management:

  • Soil and water protection:
  • Soil and water conservation;
  • Hydrology, geomorphology and water quality.
  • Agroecology concepts:
  • Environmental diagnostic of rural land;
  • Sampling methods, experimental design and univariate statistics;
  • Productivity of agroforestry systems.
  • “Projects and Change”:
  • Personal development, creativity and innovation;
  • Project management;
  • Team management;
  • Business intelligence and strategic monitoring.
  • Internship with an agronomic institute and a development association in Togo, working on the restoration of coffee and cocoa plantations.
  • Year Project #1: Agroecological evaluation of meadows;
  • Year Project #2: Evaluation of the impacts of farming practices on soil fauna.
Education-Couv-Alcheringa Education

Extracurricular project “Alcheringa”

Journey through Australia, working in farms, forestry, carbon abatement, cattle stations.


September 2012 – September 2013

  • Website, articles, photography and videos about Australia.
  • Adventure shared with kids in French schools.
  • Project nominated for the and Golden Blog Awards 2013.
  • Partnerships with Chapka Insurances, SuperKoala travel agency, Cercle des Vacances, Taxback, Peterpans Australia and WWOOF Australia.
  • Project partially funded by the French Ministry of Youth.
  • Still in development.
  • Tree measuring and sampling at the border of the Outback for a carbon sequestration study;
  • Visit of a sugarcane fertilization trail with an agronomist working for the Australian Department of Agriculture (DAFF);
  • Visit of Kakadu National Park;
  • Visit of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park;
  • Kayaking almost alone across the nine gorges of Nitmiluk National Park;
  • Jumping in the fire brigade truck during a wildfire control;
  • Living in barns, sheds, caravans and working in the fields;
  • Driving 4WDs and quadbikes in the bush;
  • Work in a mahogany plantation, chainsawing all day.
Education-Couv-Lasalle Education

Year 3 of Engineering School

BEng in Agriculture

Polytechnic Institute Lasalle Beauvais – France

September 2011 – September 2012

  • Preparation of a gap-year project, with the objective to visit Australian farms and report about it (see Alcheringa blog). Partnerships with WWOOF Australia, grant from the French Ministry of Youth;
  • Group project and visit of a methanization unit;
  • Group project on spectral reflectance for digital soil mapping;
  • Internship in pig farming;
  • Group won the business simulation game;
  • Great interest for statistics.

One-year engineering training focused on the acquisition of a great amount of knowledge on agronomy and agriculture related disciplines:

  • Agriculture Sciences:
  • Plant and crop science, Soil science, Fertilization, Plant health, Zootechnics, Animal nutrition;
  • Internship in a farm.
  • “Transversal” Sciences:
  • S1 – Linear algebra, Descriptive statistics, Probabilities, Excel, SQL and  Access, Economy, Accounting, Professional project, English;
  • S2 – Data management system, Inferential statistics, Quality: issues and tools, Environment and land management, Informatic applications.
  • Business Sciences:
  • Law – basis and principles, Human resources management, Marketing, Finance, Business game.
  • Sciences and Techniques of Agro-industries:
  • Analytical chemistry, Analytical chemistry project, Food microbiology, Food conservation techniques, Technologies of agro-industries, Industrial food biochemistry.
Education-Couv-IUT Education

Qualified Technician Diploma

Undergraduate Degree in Biology – Specialisation Agronomy

University of Clermont-Ferrand – France

September 2009 – September 2011

  • Internship in a technical center, working on strawberry varieties evaluation – good end result (14.5/20);
  • Best group project of the year (17.25/20) working on beer biochemistry, fabrication and history – Making of several brews, starting from scratch;
  • Exploring the geogoly of the Cantalian Stratovolcano, the largest volcano in Europe;
  • Hours and hours of practical work, in the field, the lab, at the desk, and doing presentations.

Two-years training including advanced theroetical lectures as well as pratical trainings, covering a wide range of disciplines:

  • Plant and Animal Biology, Physiology, Reproduction, Digestion, Animal Health;
  • Chemistry, Biochemsitry, Molecular Biology, Histology, Cytology, Enzymology, Proteomics, Fermentation;
  • Microbiology, Genetics, Genetic Engineering;
  • Crop Science, Populations, Phytopathology, Symbiosis, Plant Breeding and Engineering;
  • Soil Science, Fertility, Geology, Bioclimatology, Agrometeorology;
  • Physics, Hydraulics, Electricity, Atomistics;
  • Farm Operations, Holistic Approach;
  • Data analysis, Cartography, Informatics, Statistics, Metrology, Modelling, Bioinformatics;
  • Ecology, Ecosystems, Biogeochemical Cycles, Pastures;
  • English, Communication, Career Development, Accounting.

Academic projects

Research interests