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Main experiences

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Other jobs

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Main professional experiences

March – June 2018

Plantations du Haut-Penja (PHP – La Compagnie Fruitière)

Penja (Cameroon)

LaCompagnieFruitiere1 Work experience LaCompagnieFruitiere2 Work experience LaCompagnieFruitiere3 Work experience LaCompagnieFruitiere4 Work experience

V.I.E. Study Analyst

Assistance of the Technical Services Director and the Agricultural Production Director.
  • Work on a large irrigated banana plantation (+4000 hectares).

  • Implementation of studies and analyses related to the operation of the plantation.

  • Studies for the construction of a compost facility (site prospection and measurements).

  • Studies for the operation of the compost facility (feedstocks balance).

  • Studies for the attached phytoepuration water treatment plant (filtration of runoff water).

  • Drone photography to control the plantation.

May 2017 – February 2018

Ver de Terre Production

Normandy (France)

VDT1 Work experience VDT2 Work experience VDT5 Work experience VDT3 Work experience VDT4 Work experience

Project Manager

Development of trainings aimed at farmers, focusing on soil science, conservation agriculture and agroecology.
  • Instructional design : both digital for online courses and live with scientists, specialists and farmers.

  • Content creation : video, infographics, photography – related to agronomy and soil science.

  • Communication and marketing on social media. Creation and Development of a Youtube channel and an online Leanrning Management System.

  • Scientific reviews on the state of the art around soil fertility, biology and innovation in agriculture.

  • Management and support of a multidisciplinary team (young farmers, agronomists and multimedia specialists) under ‘startup settings’.

May – September 2015

Produce World Ltd

Cranfield (UK)

Cranfield-slide Work experience NRM-Slide Work experience Produce-World-Slide Work experience

Research student – Master Thesis

Research-oriented project in collaboration with a leading British vegetable grower.

  • Evaluation of the recently developed NRM Soil Health Test and Soil Health Index.                                       

  • Review of existing soil quality and soil health assessments approaches around the world.

  • Soil sampling and laboratory analyses (microbial biomass, PLFA and respiration profiles).

  • Assessment of 10 different soil characteristics (physical, chemical and biological).

  • Multivariate statistics (PCA) used to study 58 distinct fields.

  • Reverse-engineering of the Soil Health Index (calculation strategy and scoring functions).

September 2012 – August 2013



Alcheringa-logo-slide Work experience Alcheringa-4WD-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Chainsaw-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Plantation-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Mahogany-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Uncle-Sean-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Shovel-slide Work experience Alcheringa-Tractor-slide Work experience

Extracurricular project

Journey through Australia, working in farms, forestry, carbon abatement, cattle stations.

  • Website, articles, photography and videos about Australia.

  • Adventure shared with kids in French schools.

  • Project nominated for the and Golden Blog Awards 2013.

  • Partnerships with Chapka Insurances, SuperKoala travel agency, Cercle des Vacances, Taxback, Peterpans Australia and WWOOF Australia.

  • Project partially funded by the French Ministry of Youth.

  • Still in development.


July – August 2012

Agronomic Institute INFA Tové

ADE Development association


Togo-Bananes-Slide Work experience Togo-Agou-Slide Work experience Togo-Planting-Slide Work experience Togo-pépinière-Slide Work experience Togo-Nursery-Slide Work experience Togo-Interview-Slide Work experience


Restoration of cocoa and coffee plantations.

  • Lived with the farmers in a remote village without running water and electricity.

  • Planting of 2000 trees to develop agroforestry systems.

  • Construction of a tree nursery (800 m²).

  • Agrosystem survey of 30 farmers.

  • Strategic diagnosis of the association.

September 2011

Guy Farm


dummy Work experience dummy Work experience dummy Work experience dummy Work experience dummy Work experience

Farm training

Pigs and cattle husbandry
  • Feeding, cleaning, herding cattle, animal care, meat processing.

  • Work mostly in autonomy.

April – June 2011

Agronomic Institute CTIFL Balandran


CTIFL-Slide Work experience Soilless-Slide Work experience Greenhouse-Slide Work experience Fruits-Slide Work experience Lab-Slide Work experience


Evaluation of 30 strawberries varieties.
  • Laboratory measurements of commercial and agronomic aptitudes.

  • Statistical comparisons of the varieties.


The companies I have visited or worked directly with.

Other jobs