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Work experience

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My experience in the agrifood sector.
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Main experiences

Main experiences

Professional experiences part of my curriculum.


Other jobs

Other jobs

An overview of my jobs, outside of the curriculum.




The companies I have visited or worked directly with.


Main professional experiences

May – September 2015

Produce World Ltd

Cranfield (UK)

Master Thesis

Research-oriented project in collaboration with a leading British vegetable grower.

  • Evaluation of the recently developed NRM Soil Health Test and Soil Health Index.                                       

  • Review of existing soil quality and soil health assessments approaches around the world.

  • Soil sampling and laboratory analyses (microbial biomass, PLFA and respiration profiles).

  • Assessment of 10 different soil characteristics (physical, chemical and biological).

  • Multivariate statistics (PCA) used to study 58 distinct fields.

  • Reverse-engineering of the Soil Health Index (calculation strategy and scoring functions).

September 2012 – August 2013



Extracurricular project

Journey through Australia, working in farms, forestry, carbon abatement, cattle stations.

  • Website, articles, photography and videos about Australia.

  • Adventure shared with kids in French schools.

  • Project nominated for the and Golden Blog Awards 2013.

  • Partnerships with Chapka Insurances, SuperKoala travel agency, Cercle des Vacances, Taxback, Peterpans Australia and WWOOF Australia.

  • Project partially funded by the French Ministry of Youth.

  • Still in development.


July – August 2012

Agronomic Institute INFA Tové

ADE Development association



Restoration of cocoa and coffee plantations.

  • Lived with the farmers in a remote village without running water and electricity.

  • Planting of 2000 trees to develop agroforestry systems.

  • Construction of a tree nursery (800 m²).

  • Agrosystem survey of 30 farmers.

  • Strategic diagnosis of the association.

September 2011

Guy Farm


Farm training

Pigs and cattle husbandry
  • Feeding, cleaning, herding cattle, animal care, meat processing.

  • Work mostly in autonomy.

April – June 2011

Agronomic Institute CTIFL Balandran



Evaluation of 30 strawberries varieties.
  • Laboratory measurements of commercial and agronomic aptitudes.

  • Statistical comparisons of the varieties.

Other jobs


The companies I have visited or worked directly with.